Monday, December 17, 2012

Sports Gambling

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Gambling junkies like me look at any sporting events as an opportunity to place a bet, even if you don’t know much about the sport or team you’re putting your money on. As a basketball fan, I would have to say the NCAA tournament is the best sporting event to gamble over, but it can also be very costly! Each year you hear about the Cinderella team who you now hate because they caused a huge upset that probably lost you a good chunk of money on. I wouldn't call No. 15 Norfolk State or No. 15 Lehigh Cinderella teams of the 2012 tournament, but very few people could say they predicted them to beat No. 2 Missouri and No. 2 Duke without lying. Upsets aren't uncommon in sports, but I personally think they are the hardest to anticipate in college basketball, especially during March Madness when the teams leave it all out on the court. 

On the other hand, you've got college football, where upsets are less common and easier to anticipate. Take Texas A&M’s victory over Alabama this season. It was very exciting moment for A&M, but I think it is safe to say it wasn't a big surprise to many. Since I find it easier to predict upsets in college football, I want to share a couple of the games I’m putting money on this bowl season.

Poinsettia Bowl – Brigham Young (7-5) vs. San Diego State (9-3) 
     Prediction: BYU
Holiday Bowl – Baylor (7-5) vs. UCLA (9-4) 
     Prediction: Baylor
Russell Athletic Bowl – Rutgers (9-3) vs. Virginia Tech (6-6) 
     Prediction: Virginia Tech
Valero Alamo Bowl – Texas (8-4) vs. Oregon State (9-3) 
     Prediction: Texas
Chick-fil-A BowlLSU (10-2) vs. Clemson (10-2) 
     Prediction: LSU
Outback Bowl – South Carolina (10-2) vs. Michigan (8-4) 
     Prediction: South Carolina
Capital One BowlGeorgia (11-2) vs. Nebraska (10-3) 
     Prediction: Georgia
Rose Bowl – Wisconsin (8-5) vs. Stanford (11-2) 
     Prediction: Stanford
Sugar Bowl – Louisville (10-2) vs. Florida (11-1) 
     Prediction: Florida
Fiesta Bowl – Oregon (11-1) vs. Kansas State (11-1) 
     Prediction: Oregon
Cotton Bowl – Texas A&M (10-2) vs. Oklahoma (10-2) 
     Prediction: Texas A&M
National Championship GameAlabama (12-1) vs. Notre Dame (12-0) 
     Prediction: Alabama

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Gambling Game

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Craps button on Off
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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best Things About Casinos

Ball lands on zero
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Data Recovery Shouldn't Be A Gamble

data recovery
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When working on a major project or assignment on your computer, the last thing you ever want to have happen is to lose everything at the very last minute. There are quite a few options available to computer owners when it comes to data recovery; you can back everything up on an external hard drive, you can use a cloud based service to back your data up automatically, or you can hire a data recovery service such as to do all of that for you. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of all of those options.

1. External Hardrive - They are great for people who want to have instant access to everything they own on a different computer, and for those who just prefer to have their data on something more tangible. The cons are they can break, they can become outdated, lost, stolen and damaged. I generally do not recommend any of these products.

2. Cloud based - These are great for the average user. All your data is automatically synced, and can generally be easily accessed via internet. You can easily get stuck with a bad service and have to pay them a chunk of money every month for their services. When the time runs out, you have to pay all over again. Generally I would say that small cost is worth it in the long run.

3. Data Recovery service - Great for small businesses to large corporations. When the data you need to back up or recover is far too much and too important for a small do it yourself internet backup. Problems include being expensive and a step away from your control. Generally these costs also outweigh the benefits and are a must have for most businesses.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gambling Strategies Intro

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You may think gambling is risky business, but we think it's a business that you have to understand before you can make a profit. Before you lose it all, come visit our blog to catch a few updates and tips from some professional gamblers. You will be happy you did! Also feel free to send us your feedback, we always appreciate contributions from those who know their stuff. Thanks for visiting!