Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pool vs. Poker

English: Quads Aces, to represent poker games.
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It has been a while, so ride with me here. I've been commenting on a few poker professionals’ blogs, so hopefully this may help them in clicking my blog as a favorite. I've recently become so immersed in trying to become a solid poker player that I have almost quit pool. That is also a subject which will be covered in this (probably) largish posting.

Firstly, Pool has been doing my tree in recently. I've done nothing but play pool with car sales for months and its starting to wear thin. I've found that I'm looking into the future now and realizing that I'm earning less than what I want to and the job I'm in, whilst fine for now, is simply not enough. Even if I was full-time in it, which I was promised it would still be a bit on the thin side. So basically I've been re-assessing what's going on.

But going back to pool for a second, I play for a team on a Sunday night bi-weekly, and the county once a month. Both are 1 frame matches against other good players. I massively prefer tournaments. Because 1 frame pool is a bit of a coin-flip, especially for an aggressive player like me, who plays knowing that 7 out of 10 clearances I try I will get (maybe 8/10 :D) but at county its 1 out of 1 and no room for error. I don't enjoy this conservative style.

The money side of my job has lead me to want to try poker as a way of making a small amount of money. Don't worry. I’m actually reasonably good and always follow the golden rules. I.e. NEVER gamble with more than I can afford to lose. Play within my comfort levels and limits etc. I've come to realize that to make a fortune in business I may have made some serious errors by continuing to not know what I want to do. I was under the impression that a grounding in lettings would lead to a management position at a big company. Not so. There is always the chance of NEL making it big, but for now I want to try poker out as an interim option.

Others make a nice bankroll and do alright, so why not me. Hopefully my purchase of Poker Academy will help me plug for gaps even quicker and become more solid. I'm also going to appear in the Newcastle Festival in the Grosvenor casino in July, so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully I'll take home some winnings. Every little helps as Tesco says!

Don't think this is a mad way of losing money, even though it looks that way. Soon enough I hope to need the help of a Chicago financial advisor to manage my tournament money. I'll have a stab and if it does not work I will walk away from it. It is a combination of me looking into a new social circle when going to the event, and I fully intend to chat up some mink when I pass by the tournaments. iPod and green shades in tow (look out for pictures) I’m going to study and do it right. And hopefully win too. Considering I worked out that I'm currently spending about $150 per month in the Pool Hall shifting that into something that might show a return seems like a good move for me. The career arguments within will roll on until I decide what is to be done. Most likely a motivating chat with boss to see if we can try something new that might be potentially profitable or a major shift (after we have recovered financially from the last 'investment in growth' that went tits up) just might work. Off to Spar now to pick up some snack able provisions and then its DVD until bed. Not decided which one, possibly The Terminal with Mr. Hanks.


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